Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Periodicals Room
Prepared by Jaleesa DeLavallade

Perhaps you need journal articles for an assignment, or maybe you simply like to flip through magazines in your spare time between classes. The library has an extensive collection of newspapers, journals, and magazines in a variety of formats. You can find them in print, online, on microfilm and on microfiche. 

Microfilm, Microfiche, and Readers
You can access the microform collections in the Periodicals room, located just inside the main library. Microfilm is a roll of film with  images of newspaper or magazine content on it. Microfiche contains the same type of material, but it is a flat piece of film. Either can be viewed using a microfilm reader, and Delgado has two readers. It can be very interesting to see newspaper articles from long ago. Delgado has the Times-Picayune on microfilm going back to January 8, 1900. You can look at them for an assignment or just out of curiosity. It is interesting to look up the dates of important events to see what was said about them at the time. For instance, you can read about the opening of Delgado as a trade school for men, or even the first moon landing.

The library also has a great number of popular periodicals on microfiche that we don’t have in print. Some titles include The New Yorker, Time, and People (originally called People Weekly), and there are many more. Lots of these are up to date subscriptions. The microfilm/microfiche readers allow you to print what you are looking at for 10¢ per page.

To search this collection, go to the library’s home page and click the expanded search link:
Select Expanded Search
Search by key word or periodical title

For those who prefer to use print magazines or to access them on the computer, the library has a great deal on offer. There is a broad range of topics covered in print and online, numbering into the thousands. The print magazines and journals include titles like National Geographic, Bon Appetite, Motor Trend, and The Journal of Nutrition.  

The library gets the Times-Picayune delivered daily in addition to several other newspapers. The subscriptions we have for this year at City Park are in the same room with the microfilm and microfiche. The library also has access to many thousands of magazines, journals, and newspapers through its subscription databases. These include Sports Illustrated, Esquire, and Entertainment Weekly.

Find Databases: Electronic Journals A to Z
The easiest way to search the online periodicals is with the library's many databases. One can also select the Databases tab on the library’s home page and click on Electronic Journals A to Z. This will bring you to a page where you can choose to search electronic periodicals by title or subject.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Library Reserves

Books on Reserve in the Library

Prepared by Jaleesa DeLavallade

Reserves are textbooks, or other course materials, that instructors ask the library to hold so they are available for students. Most Reserves are available to be checked out for two hours for in-library use only. But the loan time depends on instructor specifications. Reserves can be read on-site in the library, or small sections of their contents can be copied. There is a copy machine available in the library.
Some Reserves for the Culinary classes

Copies cost 10 cents if you pay with cash or coins. Alternatively, if you have added money to your Delgado I.D. using one of the P.H.I.L. stations around campus (small black boxes attached to the wall), copies only cost 5 cents.

If you want to know if your instructor put anything on Reserve for your class, such as the textbook, you can ask the instructor, ask in the library, or search in the library's catalog. On the library website, there is a link to the Reserve Desk.
Click Reserve Desk on the library website to search for Reserves

From the online Reserve Desk, you can search by instructor name, course number (i.e. BUSL 250), or course name (i.e. Legal Environment of Business).

Search by instructor name, course number, or course name

Instructors that wish to place something on Reserve should fill out the Reserve Request Form and bring it to the library.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Search for Films in the Catalog

Prepared by Andrew Lopez

Films on Demand, one of the library's 100+ databases, is filled with educational videos on many topics. Some of the topics are particularly relevant to a number of programs of study at Delgado, such as HVAC, Culinary/Food Service, and Allied Health, to name a few.

All of the videos can now be searched in the library's online public access catalog (OPAC). One advantage to being able to search for the films in the catalog is that simple key word searches in the catalog will now end up discovering this additional video content. Another advantage is that now one can easily execute sophisticated searching techniques to discover videos in specific areas of study.

Start your search on the library website: 

Select Expanded Search in the catalog for additional search features:

Search for 'films on demand' in single quotes to get the videos from the database of that name. Then in an additional search box, set your search to Words or Phrases, and add a keyword, such as HVAC; I usually like to sort by Relevance:

Remember, you can use any word instead of HVAC to look for films in this collection.

Thanks to the Library's Technical Services department for spearheading these advanced searching features in the Catalog. We hope they will help more people find the resources they need in the Library's collection.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Storm Damage at City Park Library

Prepared by Andrew Lopez

Hurricane Isaac and the lengthy city-wide power outages in its aftermath took a pretty nasty toll on the City Park Library. Water that came through the floors, walls, and ceiling, combined with the heat and humidity that followed the absence of air conditioning provided the perfect conditions for mold.

The library space itself (Building 10, Room 116) is unfortunately now predominantly off-limits to the public until remediation of mold-affected areas can be completed. We anticipate this taking approximately two weeks.

During this troubling down-time, please keep in mind that the library computer lab, the magazine and copier room (Building 10, Room 116), and the Reference Room (Building 10, Room 132/3) will be open.

Anyone looking for books, should continue to use the online catalog. Please fill out the Closed Stacks Request Form available inside each item record in the Catalog, or please just ask at the Circulation or Reference desks. We can get you any book in the collection within 24-hours.